Might as well start.

I created this account in 2011. Blank until now.

Inspired by this quote from Allan K. Chalmers (1897-1972):

“The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”

Donald Trump worries me to death. I think the “make America great again” is heard by Americans who have not much to do, little to love, and feel hopeless.

The most recent and fading past of America is post World War II. It was a war with an end date; it’s on the calendar. All wars since have been disorganized scirmishes against ill-defined enemies. They wear on our collective conscience.

The Americans who survived the WWII were up to their ears in something to do. The years of propoganda generated to keep the Americans who stayed at home focused on supporting the war effort gave them an America to love. Everyone had sacrificed.

The misery of war and the soldiers far away from home without the communications available today were energized by the contrasting beauty of nation unscarred by bombs. Returning to loved ones gave them all something to hope for. “The war to end all wars.”

I too, feel less hopeful than I used to. The fact that our political system can raise up the likes of Thump and Clinton as our options going forward tells me everything about how things are going.

If we don’t educate children on how the governments of the city, county, state, and United States works, every four years they believe that The President is the cause of every problem and the solution to their future.

The president of the United States of America has limited power. I learned this in fourth grade. I was reminded of it every election going forward of how our federal government does and doesn’t work.

The media is so busy editting sound bites to advertise their next broadcast to sell the next batch of Nexum that they have neglected their responsiblity to provide context and editoral support.

Comedians poke fun in a way that ends up expanding the support base of the clowns running for office. Everybody is in it for personal gain.

I live in North Carolina and regularly drive through the towns that used to be; used to be furniture manufacturer; used to be fabric producers; used to make socks; used to sell tobacco. All of them are struggling. Where did the jobs go? Out of the country.

The thing that collectively we choose to ignore or perhaps don’t is that these  rural based economies were thriving on the backs of poorly paid Americans. The unions said, “no more” which was a good thing but then they too got greedy and the bosses found a solution.

Now these goods are produced by under-paid foreign workers and our unemployed Americans are angry at the bosses. These same unemployed Americans demand low prices which gave us Walmart which ruined small businesses everywhere. More unemployment.

And so we are on the brink of whatever Trump may dump on the United States of America. When I read through comments on Facebook I am left with the sense that the Americans who voted for him only heard the economics sound bites. Many believe that just by him saying so, the jobs will return. They filtered out the hate. They filtered out the “I don’t read books”. Or maybe they don’t read books either and they voted for somebody just like them…. that would be comforting for them.

This week he used the word “nukes” in a Tweet.

The waves of dread that wash over me.

Many moments on the edge of tears.

A those who say it is all a bunch of nonsense and I’m worried about nothing. Is it possible they would have said the same thing if we had been traveling in first class on the Titanic?